Hill Broadside Printing

Hill Broadside Printing


Th is a custom listing for Naomi Hill. This listing includes the following:

- Broadside Printing
- 1-color letterpress
- 110# fluorescent white or pearl white paper
- shipping to canada
- sales tax

  • For privacy purposes, all proofs and quantity details are supplied directly via email. By placing your order, you agree to a contract for production of the above item(s). Preproduction cannot begin on your order until you have placed your order AND have approved your proof. Once these requirements have been met, we can begin the process or preproduction and getting your order on the production schedule. Letterpress printing includes pantone ink matching while screen printing is 100% hand mixed. We will do our best to match your requested colors. If you have any questions or concerns at all, please feel free to contact us.

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