Dick and Jane is a family run business and our products carry that same familiar charm. 

Husband and wife, Brian and Natalie Durk, are co-owners along with son and daughter, Jameson and Maggie. Brian and Maggie run the press room while Natalie and Jameson manage the client side of things. When not in the shop, the fabulous four are usually out watching trains wiz by on the light rail or riding bikes around the lake.


The work produced by D&J has been featured in wedding magazines and blogs across the United States both for quality and affordability. This year is a special year for D&J as it marks our first decade of print business. If you'd like to talk with D&J about your printing needs, you can contact the shop via email or by phone at 651-756-8990.


 -"Cheers to 10 more years of love and print!"