Letterpress Pricing

We're guessing you were probably hoping for a little pricing chart or something, right? Believe me, we wish it were that simple too. But what if someone wants 2-ply paper or edge painting, or die cutting, or all three? The point is that every job is unique and needs to be priced accordingly. Instead of creating layers of pricing charts and pivot tables, we simply promise to respond to your questions and quote requests as quickly as possible. For even faster service, you can call us directly and we can supply estimates right over the phone. 

We don't want to just leave you hanging on estimates so here's a quick example for reference.

100 Qty. Invitations - $360
100 Qty. RSVPs - $190
Matching unprinted envelopes - $65


Foil Pricing

Foil stamping is similar to letterpress printing in that we're applying pressure to transfer art to paper but as you can probably imagine, there are some differences. The biggest difference is that foil stamping requires copper dies to withstand the heat and pressure of the production. Copper dies are more expensive than polymer plates, so a foil stamping quote will include an additional line item referred to as "die fees".