submit your own artwork

D&J wants to print for you! We happily accept custom design work and are glad to collaborate with you! That said, you probably have some questions about exactly how this works, right? Below we've included an overview of the order process. We've also listed some tips based on common questions. 

Order Process Overview:

1. Request a Quote
2. Book Your Order
3. Upload Your Artwork
4. Review Your Proof
5. Production

Step 1.
Request a Quote.

The quickest and easiest way to get the ball rolling is to request a quote. Your itemized quote including ink and paper options will be sent in a jiffy. You can then request an updated quote if you need to add or remove any items.

Step 2.
Book Your Order.

Once we've confirmed the details of your quote, we will create a custom invoice for you to place your order online. You can choose to pay the invoice directly through our site via credit card, or you can make payment over the phone if you prefer.

Step 3.
Send us your Artwork.

Submit artwork directly to See "tips" below to review artwork setup.

Step 4. Review Your Proof.
Once we have received your art, you will receive an email including a digital pdf proof of all pieces. The purpose of this proof is to confirm that we have received the correct files and that your order details are accurate. Only upon approval of digital proofs will we proceed with production.

Step: 5. Production.
Production typically requires 10 business days but please note that this is an estimate. The actual turnaround time may vary depending on general seasonal work volume or holidays. General rule of thumb, if you are curious about the production timeline, feel free to email or give as ring. 
*Note: Once your order has been completed, you will receive an email including tracking information.





  • When requesting a quote, be sure to include specifics. What pieces do you have in mind? What quantity do you need? Etc.
  • What's your plan for addressing envelopes? We can letterpress print your return address directly to your envelopes. We can also digitally print your recipient addresses directly to envelopes! 
  • Booking online is super easy. Our custom invoice is hosted in conjunction with Squarespace's secure server which makes placing orders with a credit card safe and seamless! You'll also immediately receive a digital receipt and confirmation of payment for your records.
  • Our favorite artwork formats include print-ready pdfs and Adobe Illustrator .eps (encapsulated post script). Other commonly used formats include InDesign files and every so often we'll receive a Photoshop doc. In any occasion, if you have questions about file formatting, you can always contact us.
  • Don't worry about color separation, crop marks, or bleeds. You send us your files and we'll take care of all the necessary setup and file formatting on our end.
  • Ink colors are typically designated in the print world using a Pantone color match system. That's really just a big scientific way of creating consistent color standard across the globe. Long story short, if you have a specific color or swatch sample in mind, send a piece for us to match, and we should be able to get super duper close! Another option is to check out our invitation sampler which includes a digital version of our standard color pallet. 
  • Paper of choice for us is always Crane Lettra. Why? because the paper takes an amazing impression and the finish is exquisite. The paper is available in both single-ply (110#) and 2-ply (220#). The paper color options are a brilliant clean white or a softer pearl white.
  • Visit our FAQ for more info.