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Fancy Foil!

gold-foil-invitation We ran these last July but today I was going through some of our archive books and found a couple left over prints. These we're absolutely one of our favorites from 2014. The interest in foil was just starting to pick up and lucky for us, Catherine and Ken we're amazing to work with. We started by looking at some examples but after talking some more about other possibilities, Catherine gave  pretty free rein to "do what we do." The final result couldn't have been more stunning. Gold foil and cool grey letterpress filigree invitation. We knocked these out on the 220 Lettra and finished everything off with a gold painted edge.


Many thanks to Catherine for giving us the opportunity to really knock one out of the park.

Super cute vintage style business card

Just a quick entry here. Our good friends, neighbor and carpenter Bob Zalaznik of Blue Prairie Cabinetry and Renovations LLC just picked up his business card order. He requested a new design with the working themes of prarie style, craftsmanship, vintage, quality. (Note: there is no web address. Bob is wicked oldschool!)We finalized this design and printed on crane lettra ecru paper. The tiny illustration of the hand planner was pulled from an antique home carpentry book from the 40's. The type selection was a modern adaptation inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright type designs.

xo- dick and jane