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Design for Letterpress - Part 4

The letterpress coasters have been printed and we have lots of pictures! All the materials arrived on Thursday afternoon. We squeezed the job in between a few other pieces with the goal of having it all completed for delivery on Monday. We started printing the coasters on Friday morning. On Saturday we printed up the packaging pieces. Finally, Sunday we had a romantic evening sitting in the dining room with the fireplace burning as we folded, stuffed, stapled and assembled everything. Okay... Maybe it wasn't so romantic. But it was MUCH more cozy than the shop! All in all, we think they turned out pretty darn good looking! Have a peek for yourself!

xo - DJL

Natalie was in charge of printing this one!

Design for Letterpress - Part 1

Okay, we're going to try something new. Something we've never seen on any blogs or letterpress sites. We're going to attempt to show and explain the letterpress design process for the Duel of Design project. NOTE: Everyone's process is different. We're going to display daily sketches and ideas until eventually we are printing and displaying the final project. This is intended to show the translation from computer, to print. I warn you now, digital files are sometimes difficult to imagine letterpress printed but in the end, I'm sure you'll love it! Here we go!

In a nutshell, we were simple asked by Geri Wolf, owner of the Style Laboratory if we'd be interested in contributing something to the event gift bags? We checked out the event online. It was obvious that it's gonna be a wicked good time. We said yes! From there, the next questions is, what's appropriate for this kind of event? Our thoughts landed at gift tags, greeting card, competition score cards, place cards, napkins, calling cards, a calendar, or coasters. From there we nailed it down to coasters (tons of fun to print and design). Most of the other pieces just seemed either too boring or super overdone recently. Our next considerations are design aesthetic, colors, packaging, and again appropriateness. To be continued...

the Duel of the Design this March

Dick and Jane Letterpress will be contributing to the March, "the Duel of the Design" competition hosted by friend, event planning monster, Geri Wolf of the Style Laboratory. Our contribution is nothing too fancy. We're creating really romantic, modern letterpress coasters. The design will be completed and printed shortly. Once printed, I'll be sure to get a photo up for your viewing pleasure. For an evening of fun, excitement, design, and competition, check out the Duel of the Design. See you there!

xo - dick and jane