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Design for Letterpress - Part 4

The letterpress coasters have been printed and we have lots of pictures! All the materials arrived on Thursday afternoon. We squeezed the job in between a few other pieces with the goal of having it all completed for delivery on Monday. We started printing the coasters on Friday morning. On Saturday we printed up the packaging pieces. Finally, Sunday we had a romantic evening sitting in the dining room with the fireplace burning as we folded, stuffed, stapled and assembled everything. Okay... Maybe it wasn't so romantic. But it was MUCH more cozy than the shop! All in all, we think they turned out pretty darn good looking! Have a peek for yourself!

xo - DJL

Natalie was in charge of printing this one!

Design for Letterpress - Part 2

So we pick back up today after a weekend of plotting on the concept. Natalie and I talked up a storm about what would be appropriate and still reflect our biz AND be a sweet addition to the gift bag. After many rounds of concepts including fruit, birds, branches and or berries, silverware, tablecloth patterns, couples dancing, stemware, etc, we've decided to clarify and focus. What is it?.... not yet.

As for colors, we visited the competing designers websites and simple lifted colors based on their general pallets. In other words, we used colors that both designers clearly would approve of. We also discussed packaging the coasters in a cellophane bag (which we already have a stock of) with a cute Dick and Jane stapled card on top. A sketch is attached below showing our color and packaging concept. The final artwork and design is almost complete. Once done, we'll post the artwork image. Next, post will have the completed artwork. from there, it's off to the platemaker and printing!