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Smart Women are Gifted!

Smart Women are Gifted! That's the concept behind the new Smart Women product. Julie from Smart Women wasted no time on this project. We worked with her on the design and layout over two sessions. We ended up with a really cute "Six Gift Bags for Kitchen Goodies!" Why was Julie in such a rush to get these produced? EXCELLENT QUESTION. The product has been requested by none other then Rachel Ray for inclusion in the July issue of Everyday with Rachel Ray (magzine)! Thanks to Smart Women Company, Dick and Jane Letterpress will have just a little piece of our work in one of the top magazines in the US and not to mention the 80+ international retailers surrently carrying Smart Women products.

We hope to continue our relationship with Smart Women Company for years to come. Special thanks to Julie for her immediate attention on the project and her wonderful design sense. Good things to come!