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Mpls-StPaul Magazine Feature

We are very excited to announce that Dick and Jane Letterpress has been featured in the seasons issue of Mpls St Paul Magazine's Wedding edition in an article titled "Letter Perfect." Four separate pieces were featured in this 5 page article including a letterpress plane ticket, an oversized full-bleed Script sample titled "Hollywood". A customer submitted design for the Lucas' and a wonderfully popular Letterpress Coaster design. Here are a few photos from the article. Many thanks and appreciation to the MSPL Magazine for thinking to include us in their publication. Enjoy!

Lathey Letterpress Coasters

Been super busy this year with all sorts of really fun jobs. I hardly have a chance to snap any photos and get the letterpress blog updated. Finished early yesterday and the sun was just right so I put a little camera time in. Here's a letterpress coaster we finished for a gal in Colorado. She did the design work herself and everything turned out really really nice. Enjoy!

Oh So Beautiful Paper - Shout out!

I was informed by a client yesterday that our printing was featured on the super popular "Oh So Beautiful Paper" blog! We did a really sweet save-the-date coaster with designer, Bill Coombs. Very cool and exciting to see our work shared on such a large scale. We greatly appreciate the kind words and we are so glad that everyone likes the piece! xo - DJL

Design for Letterpress - Part 2

So we pick back up today after a weekend of plotting on the concept. Natalie and I talked up a storm about what would be appropriate and still reflect our biz AND be a sweet addition to the gift bag. After many rounds of concepts including fruit, birds, branches and or berries, silverware, tablecloth patterns, couples dancing, stemware, etc, we've decided to clarify and focus. What is it?.... not yet.

As for colors, we visited the competing designers websites and simple lifted colors based on their general pallets. In other words, we used colors that both designers clearly would approve of. We also discussed packaging the coasters in a cellophane bag (which we already have a stock of) with a cute Dick and Jane stapled card on top. A sketch is attached below showing our color and packaging concept. The final artwork and design is almost complete. Once done, we'll post the artwork image. Next, post will have the completed artwork. from there, it's off to the platemaker and printing!