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So Many projects ~ So Little Time!

Summer is going by so quick! EEK! We have been slammed over the past few months making it difficult to keep the blog as updated as we'd like. Sonny just turned 2. We have a new intern and a new employee. We have recently finished some really amazing print projects. Took a trip to California. New Equipment and new friends. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. Here's a pic or two from the Parade that runs just down our street.

Thanks for visiting the letterpress blog. More to come very soon.

Letterpress Shop Pics

Just a few images we snapped over the last week or so. Although running a letterpress shop all day takes a lot of focus and attention, we always squeeze in time to play with our baby boy, Sonny. Usually, he's hanging out in the lounge area tearing up dads books!

Happy Holiday from Dick and Jane Letterpress!

Happy holidays from Dick and Jane Letterpress.Pictured is baby Sonny and Santa. (That's the best "Santa" I've ever seen!)


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By the way...

We totally had our baby a few weeks back! We've been so busy with getting back to work, family and friends visiting and new client meeting that reporting this little snip of news wound up shelved for a spell. Sorry everyone. Any hoot ~ On June 15th at 5:45pm, Natalie and I were suddenly rocketed into parenthood by this little guy! Jameson "Sonny" Robert Durk was born! He weighed in at a whopping 10lbs and 12oz. He was 22.5" long and being two weeks overdue and "large" to say the least... he's already holding up his head and sleeping through the night! I personally have big expectations for Sonny. He'll make a great Printers Devil once he can walk/spell. Over the years, you can definitely expect to see more pics and notes including my boy around the shop. In fact, starting in August, he's coming with dad to the shop every day (letterpress daycare).

We love you Jameson.

xo ~ mom and dad